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Bertone bankrupt!

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    It looks like the end of the road for Italian styling house Bertone. The company entered court bankruptcy proceedings after mounting debts forced it to lay off staff. CEO Marco Filippa has left, and it’s reported that employees have been without a salary since November last year.

    By the end of April, it’s expected that a court hearing will announce either the company’s closure – or the name of a suitable buyer. The latter seems unlikely, but there is conjecture that a Turkish company is interested in buying the name.

    Bertone celebrated its centenary in 2012, when it built the Ferrari-based Nuccio in honour of company founder Nuccio Bertone (see the feature in issue 132), who died in 1997. Since his death the company has struggled under the control of his widow Lilli, selling its manufacturing facilities to Fiat in 2009 and auctioning such family jewels as the Stratos Zero and Lamborghini Marzal concept cars to stave off bankruptcy in 2011.

    Very bad news!