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Good experience at TallerBox in Cartagena

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    Hello everyone! I haven't really introduced myself properly, but anyway I'm Evan and I have a 2004 Boxster S. Its my fun in the sunshine. :D

    Recently I took the car to TallerBox in Cartagena for some preventative maintenance, the car was fine but I wanted to be ahead of any problems. Gaspar and his crew took super care of my car and made me feel like I was their most important customer. He kept me up to date each day on the progress, also with pictures. The shop is amazing-- the cleanest I have ever seen, you can eat from the floor. When I picked up the car, it was delivered perfectly clean also, great service. I can highly recommend TallerBox for any car, I am very happy that I have such good service for my Porsche close by, but no matter where in Spain your Porsche is, it is worth the drive!

    (Just so it is said: I have no connection to the company, I am just a happy customer.)

    I had them do a lot of work, but the basic list was:

    Insaro double IMS bearing
    Front motor mount
    Water pump
    Serpentine belt
    71C thermostat
    Spin-on oil filter adapter
    Spark plugs
    Coolant tank
    Gbox 2nd gear detent
    Cleaning of radiators

    A few pictures:

    The shop

    On the lift

    Ready to remove the gearbox

    Gearbox, clutch and flywheel out. No RMS leak, and it looks like a small oil leak at the IMS bearing cover, with all the clutch dust sticking to it.

    The old clutch. Not bad actually, but no point in putting it back with 73.000kms on it. Flywheel was bad so it needed to be replaced.


    IMS bearing out... no damage so that is good. Now I don't have to worry. :[yahoo]




    Insaro double bearing before and installed:


    I arrived after the work to a shiny clean car!


    Thanks Gaspar for a job well done, I will be back!